Security Alarms Reviews: Telespy Telephone Motion Sensor Alarm Security Intruder

On June 6, 2012, in Home Alarm systems, Security Alarm System, by admin

This unusual, quirky little gadget is not so much as a home alarm system than a spy gadget. It reminds us of one of those gadgets James Bond would use. Recently, in one of Stephen King’s new novels, 11/22/63, which is about an English teacher who travels back in time to try and stop the JFK assassination. The lead character uses one of these audio bugs and implants it in a table lamp. The Telespy Telephone Motion Sensor Alarm Security Intruder gadget, however, is designed to be used as a seemingly ordinary telephone. You place it somewhere in the living room or anywhere you think can be strategic for your home monitoring purposes, and there it will work as a charm.

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The Telespy is a cool house burglar alarm gadget—it is different from the usual house alarm systems you’ve probably seen frequently reviewed on this site. Basically, it is an “ordinary” telephone, except when you decide to “switch on” its monitoring function. Place it in the living room or any part of the house you want monitored, turn on the motion detection feature, and your house is secure. You only have to input the mobile or landline phone number that you want the gadget to call you in case it detects anything. Once something is detected, it calls you on the registered number, and then you can “listen in” on any sound or conversation in the immediate surrounding, thanks to the amplified microphone.

Admittedly, it is more of a “spy gadget” than a plain vanilla burglar alarm system. But in any case, the Telespy lets you decide, from a remote location, whether the “visitors” in your house is a friend or foe. It operates from any phone and is easily portable and installable. You can bring it with you on your travels and you can leave it in your hotel room just to increase your sense of security.


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