Home Alarm Systems Reviews: Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System – LW2902

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As home alarm systems go, especially those with a built-in video surveillance component, the Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System – LW2902 is an exceptional product. It can be set up in mere minutes, and you can have a fully functioning and sophisticated video surveillance system protecting your home. And with a price like this, it’s easy to understand why they say this product is flying off the shelves.

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The features of the Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System – LW2902 are only matched by the ease one can set the whole thing up. It seems the home alarm system is designed specifically for easy setup, even with the video surveillance component involved.

As a wireless home alarm systems kit, you don’t have to muck up with messy cables. The amazing thing is that absolutely everything you need is included in this kit—wireless security CCTV cameras, an integrated digital video recorder (that even has an SD card—you don’t have to buy one), a two-way audio intercom (perfect for speaking with the person knocking on your door without having to expose yourself to danger), and an expansive wireless range.

Indeed, when they say video surveillance made easy, they’re not kidding.

The Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System offers plug & play video security for your home or small business. It is indeed a complete digital wireless video surveillance system that can be installed in a matter of minutes—the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how to best strategically place the wireless CCTV cameras. You can view the live video feed from a secure location on the included 9-inch LCD monitor, while you can record anything interesting you capture on video on the included 4GB SD card. And if you need more, you can add more CCTV cameras for a maximum of four without causing any interference!

And not to forget: the wireless security cameras have built in motion detection and night vision features, so you’ll never miss a single thing. You can even see up to 40 feet even in total darkness at night. And if there’s anything you fail to see, the built-in temperature-based motion detector will capture it, as long as it’s alive, or at least, gives off heat.

Overall, this is a great buy—a complete home alarm systems kit and video surveillance solution that is so advanced and so affordable that it would be silly not to choose it.


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